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Unplanned pregnancy? Considering adoption? Free no obligation attorney consultation for expectant parents. Housing and living expenses may be available. Scroll down to look at home study approved adopting parents.You choose and meet the family that adopts your baby.

Our office represents clients most often in private placement independent adoptions (wherein the birth parents choose the adoptive parents and place the baby directly with the adoptive parents usually at the time of the baby’s discharge from the hospital). We also represent clients who are adopting through licensed adoption agencies.

We handle collaborative placements which combine the best features of independent and agency adoptions often without the drawbacks of traditional agency adoptions. We work with expectant mothers and adoptive couples throughout the United States. We also handle the readoption of children adopted in foreign countries whose parents seek to obtain California issued birth certificates for them, as well as stepparent, grandparent, relative and adult adoptions. Call today for a free no-obligation adoption attorney consultation.

Under California law, only a child’s legal parents or a licensed adoption agency can place a child for adoption. 

The Law Office of Quincy Braxton is not an “adoption agency” or an “adoption facilitator” and does not assist birth parents “match” with adopting families. Unlike adoption agencies, The Law Office of Quincy Braxton is structured in compliance with California law, which authorizes qualified and competent adoption attorneys to provide legal representation to birth parents who are personally selecting adoptive parents for their child and to prospective adoptive parents who have been personally selected by a birth parent to adopt her child. (See California Family Code, Division 13, “Adoption,” Part 2, “Adoption of Unmarried Minors,” Chapter 3, “Independent Adoptions,” Sections 8800-8823.)

At the Law Office of Quincy Braxton, the selection of a prospective adoptive parent or parents is personally made by the child’s birth parent or parents and is never delegated to an agent. (California Family Code §8801(a).)

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